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Domain RegistrationWhen users search for terms in Google, Yahoo, & Bing, search results often have links to maps, online reviews and more. This is all done via the Maps/Places features of these search engines. Potential clients may even perform these searches on the map page specifying locations in their search criteria. If your business isn't properly represented with these search engines, your company may never even be noticed.


Apolytos Design can create a places page if you aren't already listed, take over a page that you haven't previously managed, and make sure all information is up-to-date and accurate. We also will link your places pages to your website giving any future clients all the information possible about your business.


Many of your potential clients are mobile and use their smart-phone or tablet as a GPS and often search for places of business from these mobile devices. It's essential to have your place of business accurately placed on these various maps platforms so your new clients have no difficulty in finding your place of business.


We have the ability to create the necessary places/maps pages for your business, place an active map on your website, and give viewers the ability to get directions from their current location.


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