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Domain RegistrationThe internet is not very old and it ever growing and changing. If there is a constant about the internet, it would be change. In the beginning of the internet as we know it, the 90's, users were few, connections were slow, computers were limited, monitors were small, movement was minor, and there wasn't much to do.


In the early 2000's, we saw the introduction of flat panel monitors, DSL/cable connections, and a growing interest of people to explore the world wide web. By the late 2000's, screens began to grow and connections became very fast and suddenly, websites grew to fit the larger screens and began doing much more, becoming alive and capturing our attention.


With the introduction of the smart phone also came a dilemma, attempting to view a website designed for a fast computer with a 20"+ screen on a phone with limited abilities and a 4" screen. Users had to pinch and spread their fingers, then scroll back and forth to read the content. Designers began developing 2 websites for clients, 1 for mobile and another for desktop browsing. This would cost the client more money because they were now having 2 websites built. Others would disregard mobile browsing altogether and write it off as a passing fad. This is no passing fad, it's a continual growth.


Having 2 websites built was a good alternative in the beginning, but very quickly became a problem. Phones come in various sizes and tablets & game consoles have added additional categories of devices. Today's internet has browsers anywhere from 2-102" screens and run on different platforms. Something new had to happen, something had to replace the need to build multiple websites.


Responsive design is the answer. Responsive design is a website that automatically scales itself to the browser, on the fly. With responsive design, you can load a website up on a 24" screen, grab the side of the browser and resize it to 1/4 of your screen and watch the website re-size itself along the way. With responsive design, a site can be built with elements that work great on high speed connections and large screens and can evolve to a less complex site for the mobile devices, bringing the same content to any device.


At Apolytos Design, we build many responsive designs for our client that satisfy the need to reach potential clients no matter which device they are using.


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